Dry Cleaning

Stain Removal

Have you ever damaged a delicate piece of clothing by washing it at home? The pain and disappointment are immeasurable, right? Well, Modern Cleaners believes that every piece of your clothing, no matter how delicate, deserves to be free of stains and you deserve to be hassle free.

If you trust us with your sweaters and delicate clothes, we’ll do our best not to disappoint you. To fulfill our motto, we are dedicated to developing advanced solvents that are gentle on your precious clothes yet can remove the toughest stains leaving the clothes as spotless as possible. Removal is not guaranteed but we do guarantee we will try our best to remove all your pesky stains.

What to Dry clean?

Many clothes have care labels saying, “dry clean only” and that has probably made you avoid buying them. You consider them to be too difficult to keep clean …right?

Well, did you know that dry cleaning is an advanced method of cleaning clothes gently, while preserving their beauty. Your sweaters, silk clothes and jackets must be dry cleaned to avoid breaking their zippers, their buttons or tearing the gentle cloth. When you decide to get them dry cleaned, you are not just removing the stains but are prolonging their life as well, so you can wear them again and again.


Why Dry Clean with Us?

Dry cleaning is a process that cannot be done at home but requires a professional set up to perform. Modern Cleaners is a company working tirelessly to inculcate new techniques in our methods to properly dry clean your clothes. Our modern techniques are not just limited to a specific type of cloth or brand, our experts examine each product, and review its care instructions carefully after which, suitable solvents of the best quality are used to wash and remove stains.

Have you ever doubted a dry cleaner’s ability? Well, no matter how large or stubborn a stain is, we try our best to give your clothes the best treatment possible. With Modern Cleaners at your service, you no longer need to avoid buying delicate clothes or be extra particular while wearing them. Rather, you can buy any dress or sweater you desire without a worry in the world, all the while relying on our trustworthy experts to handle all its cleaning requirements.


"Absolutely LOVE this place. I don't take my items anywhere else."

Sissy Cartee

"I get fast, friendly service every time I take something in. They know their business and my clothes are ready when they say they will be. Prices are reasonable and they do a great job."

Red Fox

"Great service and friendly staff! Been a customer for over 25 years :)"

Libby Mullinax

"They always help me out in a pinch, even same day. Love them!"

Molly Kilpatrick-Lloyd